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Outside the skylight of Huangmei, it has been raining and raining continuously.

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he annual rainy day arrived on schedule.
You are still going through this dead cycle:
The shoes are wet, the shoes are wet, the socks are wet after the shoes are wet.
Socks wet, socks wet, socks wet pants wet
Pants are wet, pants are wet, pants are wet, clothes are wet.
Clothes are wet, clothes are wet, underwear is wet after clothes are wet.


It seems that we can't run away on wet, rainy days for a month.
Xiaobian's weak question: Are your clothing stockpiles complete?
Otherwise, you will have the following picture:


Today's rain just means something.
What's more "wonderful" is still ahead.
Next week, the rain will be more frequent and humid.
As soon as Huangmei arrives, there are many kinds of dehumidification methods on the market, each competing for its own merits, but which one is more effective?
See the final estimate that you are also brain pain, three faces confused which to choose it it! 


If there is an air conditioner on the market that can contain constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, cleanliness and quietness, would you consider it?
What, you do not know, then you "OUT", speed together to understand it.


The new generation of air conditioning should include the following five points
Constant Temperature: Temperature Regulation in Winter and Summer
Constant humidity: air is not dry and humid
Constant oxygen: sufficient oxygen, fresh air, people are not bored
Hengjie: no PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzol and other harmful substances
Constant Quietness: Ground Heating, No Wind Speed, More Quiet
There are always masters between man and nature. Science and technology change new life, healthy and comfortable life is our inevitable choice today.
The Master of Master Water System Air Conditioning 2+1 cogeneration includes: water system ecological air conditioning + ground heating + hot water. It is a manufacturer of three-unit system with few mature technologies on the market. Among them, there are many different models, which can meet the needs of various places.


Multifunctional air conditioning will gradually replace the original fluorine air conditioning in the market. Triple air conditioning will cover the needs of the market and enter millions of households. Please open and share your comfortable new life!
With it, regardless of the continuous outdoor rain, hot summer, cold and summer, reliable as "she", indoor is still "four seasons like spring". Want to know more, welcome to pay attention to us, the next issue is more exciting!