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What about formaldehyde leakage after new house decoration? There is always a ma

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Formaldehyde, chemical formula HCHO, formula 30.03, also known as formic aldehyde. Colorless gas, with a special irritating smell, has a stimulating effect on people's eyes, nose, etc. It is soluble in water and ethanol. The highest concentration of water can reach 55%, usually 40%. Formaldehyde water, commonly known as formalin, is a colorless liquid with a stimulating odor.
The problem of "air pollution" caused by interior decoration in China is continuing. The fundamental reason for this problem lies in the control of the source of materials.
Formaldehyde is one of the most harmful gases to human beings. Especially in China, it seriously endangers the health of newly decorated families, especially infants, pregnant women and the elderly.
Harm of Formaldehyde
(1) Chronic poisoning, dizziness and fatigue, eye swelling and pain, sore throat, chest tightness and asthma; reduced immunity, memory, nerve weakness, etc.
(2) Fertility crisis, poor sperm quality, sperm death, irregular menstruation, infertility, unprovoked abortion, fetal malformation, neonatal congenital foolish type;
(3) Canceration crisis, causing nasopharyngeal cancer, hematopoietic cancer, lymphoma, bone marrow cancer, bone marrow leukemia, etc.
Indoor formaldehyde pollution sources are ubiquitous, long-term volatilization toxicity cycle is long. After the newly decorated house, the excessive formaldehyde emission source is almost everywhere, and exists in every corner of the room.
How to prevent formaldehyde poisoning
1. The most important purpose of preventing formaldehyde poisoning is to find out the causes of formaldehyde production, and try to buy environmental protection when buying solid wood furniture and floors.
2. The environmental protection of materials must be considered in the process of decoration. Density boards should not be used as far as possible to minimize the use of rubber.
3. After the decoration is completed, indoor environmental testing is carried out to check whether there is excessive formaldehyde. If so, don't move in. Put the new house in place for a period of time before moving in. In particular, families with children should pay more attention to it. For the health of you and your family. It is urgent to prevent formaldehyde from exceeding the standard.
4. Maintain ventilation after decoration, preferably after half a year.
5. Within a certain range of formaldehyde, some green plants which absorb formaldehyde and purify air can be placed indoors, such as green radish, cymbidium, etc. They can adequately absorb formaldehyde. However, because the green plants have limited adsorption area, they can only play an auxiliary role.



Decorated houses can be placed with green plants, cactus, green radish, cymbidium, etc. or activated carbon adsorption. Although these methods are effective, they also take a long time, so eliminating formaldehyde from the source is the fundamental way.

In this situation, Xiaobian is about to pick it up.
Maaster water system on-line has heating/refrigeration frequency conversion, including constant temperature, humidity and oxygen. It completely solves the formaldehyde damage caused by glue, realizes zero formaldehyde and zero heavy metal, and meets the ROHS test standard of EU and FLOORSCORE test standard of USA.
The Role of Fresh Wind
1. The function of fresh air system is mainly to improve the indoor air quality through the replacement of indoor and outdoor air. Especially when it is not convenient for us to open windows, such as the outdoor air quality is not good, the noise is relatively large or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the fresh air system is to ventilate under the premise of ensuring indoor comfort.
2. Fresh air system can also increase purification function, such as formaldehyde removal for newly decorated indoor air, and filtering and purifying function for indoor hair or bacteria, which can effectively reduce indoor PM2.5.
1. Effectively reduce the growth of fungi and other bacteria, microorganisms and dust allergens will be significantly reduced below 65% temperature.
Dehumidification is the best way to protect children's health and household equipment.
2. Effectively relieve the symptoms affected by wet weather, such as mild rheumatism, arthritis or neuralgia.
3. Dehumidification can effectively and quickly dry clothes, and avoid the odor of wet clothes that can not be dried for several days.
4. Effectively maintain a fixed humidity range, dry and constant humidity working environment, refreshing and refreshing
5. A constant humidity environment can greatly save the electricity cost of air conditioning and avoid the discomfort of excessive temperature difference of air conditioning.


Mothers don't have to worry about formaldehyde anymore!新房装修后“漏网甲醛”咋办?速来围观,人与空气之间总有大师


Mothers don't have to worry about formaldehyde anymore!