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Outdoor unit

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Outdoor unit
Outdoor units of heat pump series
Heat pump unit [outdoor unit]
Installation site: NTZ-LPT series heat pump units can be installed on the ground or roof
Manufacturing Standards: Manufactured according to AHRI Stand 210-240-2008, passed the ETL performance test of the third-party American Electronic Testing Laboratory.
Product characteristics:
1. R-410A refrigerant with high efficiency and environmental protection.
2. High-efficiency super-silent scroll compressor.
3. Double-layer copper tube, aluminum corrugated finned copper tube.
4. Fully enclosed and permanently lubricated condenser motor.
5. High precision electronic expansion valve improves energy efficiency ratio.
6. Double flow liquid tube dryer.
7. Crankcase heater of compressor.
8. High power silencer.
9. High and low voltage switch.
10. Simple repair port for copper pipe welding.
Box characteristics:
1. Unique NODONS box noise control.
2. High-strength honeycomb armor cover protection.
3. Heat dissipation around steel structure.
4. Super corrosion resistant shell.
5. The top side can be disassembled and repaired easily.

Outdoor unit

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